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Take AIM Format

What do the Members of Take AIM receive?

    • 12 months of mentoring
    • 11 live masterminding days
    • A range of support between masterminding days

    On the mastermind days (each member attends 1 full day) the Members receive:

    • 4 x site visits including a site pack with notes on the sites, floor plans and other site specific information
    • A range of workshops each live day, developing your knowledge in specific areas of commercial conversions such as deal analysis, how to assess deals with different use classes such as shops and light industrial, understanding floor plans and use of space to maximise profitability, due diligence and how to JV/invest safely, setting up your property business for commercial conversions.
    • 20 minutes of dedicated time (30 minutes for partnerships) to discuss your deals within the mastermind sessions with an experienced mentor of your choice
    • Sharing mastermind sessions and learning from others.
    • Networking opportunities throughout the day and the chance to attend a networking dinner on the evening of day 1.
    • Support throughout the month:

    Between masterminding days, members will be looking at deals and coming up against new situations regularly.  Answers to their questions can’t always wait for the next masterminding day so we have a wealth of in-month support:

    • Private FB group where information and questions can be posted.
    • 2 x 15 minute calls with a mentor of your choice (or 1 x 30 minute call)
    • 1 x live Q&A webinar with one of our mentors (recorded and made available to members only)
    • 1 x deal analysis webinar (recorded and made available to members only)
    • Take AIM members only website with knowledge vault

Site Visits

You will have four site visits throughout the 12-month membership where you’ll see live sites under development.  For those site visits you need to provide your own safety boots (we will provide a high visibility vest and hard hat if required).  Safety boots are absolutely essential when visiting a construction site, without them, you will not be permitted to take part in the site visit.  The safety boots you purchase must conform to EN ISO 20345 and have a 200J steel toe cap.
You can tell if a pair of boots conforms to EN ISO 20345 as the description will contain one of the following references: SB, S1, S2, S3, S4 or S5.
SB is the most basic level of protection but is absolutely fine for site visits.

There are a huge variety of safety boots available, many people prefer rigger boots which pull on and off easily, however there are also many types of lace up boots on the market. You can purchase safety boots from a variety of outlets or you can shop online. The following websites each have an extensive range of boots:

When looking at the site you will meet the contractor and a member of the Take AIM mentoring team to discuss what it can teach us, how it may have been better, different layout options, market suitability, contractor issues etc. The site visit is likely to last no more than 2 hours.

Live Mentoring Days

The live days will start at 8.30 (arrival for refreshments and pastries).  You’ll have two workshops, one in the morning and one to round the day off.  One of our fully trained mentors will facilitate your “round table” Mastermind sessions.  This is very much a group-learning environment within which we will be encouraged to share openly with one another. TRUST is of paramount importance within this group and any breaches of confidence and/or ‘poaching of deals’ will lead to ejection from the group. Our decision in this regard is final.Refreshments will be provided throughout the day along with a light ‘finger buffet’ lunch. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Financial Models – The team will check and assess your use of the financial models we have provided you with as part of the course in your USB ‘Toolkit’. This may not SOUND that sexy (wooo…spreadsheets!) but this can be a source of immense comfort when you are taking your early steps in assessing deals and knowing that you haven’t missed anything vital! Please be aware, that these are provided to you for information only and no liability can be accepted for you use of them and any decisions you take based on the information they provide! We DO NOT provide investment advice and we are not qualified licensed Investment Advisors.

We very much look forward to meeting you and getting to know you during our shared journey. We are passionate about seeing others becoming financially free through property and look forward to working with you to that mutual aim.

If you would like to know more, please Contact Us for more information.