About Take AIM


Welcome to the Take AIM (Approachable and Inspirational Mastermind) programme. We would like to start by expressing a sincere thank you for your interest in Take AIM. Please be assured that once you have signed up for the programme we will be striving to help you achieve your goals in property.

In essence Take AIM is an opportunity for us to guide you in developing property, and particularly in moving into bigger deals based around converting commercial property into residential units. As part of that process, Take AIM also has a broader role. Within the Progressive Property community that we are a part of, we enjoy recanting Rob Moore’s expression, “skillset without the mindset will simply leave you upset!” Accordingly, the mastermind programme would be failing you if it didn’t also take in concepts such as mindset, focus and commitment, so please come prepared for that.

To find out more about our programmes please head over to our Products & Services page.

I look forward to working with you.

Glenn Delve