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The Take AIM Mastermind Mentoring Programme

What does your 12-month membership include?

  • 1 Live Day each month
  • 1 workshop at each live day
  • Round-Table Masterminding with a Mentor
  • Networking lunch
  • Funding Clinic and Mindset Clinic sessions available
  • Site Visits (when available) and Virtual Site Visits
  • Monthly Networking Dinner (Optional)
  • 20 minutes of mentoring calls with a mentor of your choice per month (30 minutes for partnerships).
  • Private membership of the Take AIM Mastermind website including The Knowledge Vault.
  • Private Membership of the Take AIM Mastermind Facebook Group
  • 1 Live Deal Analyser Training Webinar each month
  • 1 Live Q&A Webinar each month

The Live Day Programme


The agenda for each live day will be:
08.30  Arrival and registration with tea/coffee
09.00   Welcome
09.30   Workshop with Q&A or Site Visit
11.00   Morning Coffee
11.20   Mentoring Groups
13.00   Networking Lunch
14.00   Return to Mentoring Groups
16.00   Afternoon coffee
16.15  Return to Mentoring Groups
17.30   Close

The Mentoring

One of our mentors will facilitate your “round-table” Mastermind sessions with between 8-12 members on your table.  Our Mentors were mentored themselves by Glenn Delve and follow his own Commercial Conversion strategy. All are now experienced and respected property developers and investors who have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

This is very much a group-learning environment within which you will be encouraged to share openly with one another. TRUST is of paramount importance within this group and any breaches of confidence and/or “poaching of deals” will lead to ejection from the group. Our decision in this regard is final.


Mindset and Funding Clinics

If you are struggling with funding or mindset issues, you can book a one-to-one session for 30 minutes with one of our experts during the Live Day.

Karen Murray of Karen Murray Coaching is an awarding-winning business and life coach and public speaker. She will discuss with you in private any mindset issues you have.

Michelle Dean of Peritus Corporate Funding will guide you through the different types of finance which are available to you as a property developer and put you in touch with investors and joint venture partners.


Site Visits

You will have site visits throughout the 12-month membership where you’ll see live sites under development.  For those site visits you need to provide your own safety boots (we will provide a high visibility vest and hard hat if required).  Safety boots are absolutely essential when visiting a construction site, without them, you will not be permitted to take part in the site visit.  The safety boots you purchase must conform to EN ISO 20345 and have a 200J steel toe cap.
You can tell if a pair of boots conforms to EN ISO 20345 as the description will contain one of the following references: SB, S1, S2, S3, S4 or S5.
SB is the most basic level of protection but is absolutely fine for site visits.

There are a huge variety of safety boots available, many people prefer rigger boots which pull on and off easily, however there are also many types of lace up boots on the market. You can purchase safety boots from a variety of outlets or you can shop online. The following websites each have an extensive range of boots:

Once on site you will be led by Glenn Delve (or a member of his development team) who will tell you the history of the site and discuss what it can teach us, how it may have been better, different layout options, market suitability, contractor issues etc. The site visit is likely to last no more than 1.5 hours.